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Star Trek CharonStar Trek Charon
Welcome to the website of Star Trek Charon. We are a multiple award winning Play-By-Email Role-Playing Game. We are Currently INACTIVE but feel free to peruse our website which currently has 345 articles.

Sep 20

The USS Charon is a Luna Class deep space exploration vessel assigned to furthest reaches of space. I am Captain Shiarrael t`Rehu, Commanding Officer of the USS Charon and a former Romulan Commander- it’s a long story so I’ll save it for later. My Executive Officer is Commander Sakarra Tyrax, she’s a Vulcan (need I say more?) and we have our disagreements but I wouldn't trade her for all the gold pressed latinum on Ferenginar. Hopefully we’ll find some new and exciting things, but between us, I wouldn’t mind a few skirmishes here and there.

This is a comprehensive website for the USS Charon, her journeys, and her crew. You can also find lists and references of both major and minor characters that make appearances on the USS Charon. There are also race references, food references, and any reference that is uncommon or unknown. Hopefully everyone, not just the crew of the USS Charon, will find this resources helpful. If you have any questions about this website toss an email to us, visit our forums and ask us, or just come chat with us (we don't bite...sometimes...)

If you find that Charon interests you, please feel free to join us, we're always looking for great writers. Go to our forum join page and apply today!

The USS Charon

USS CharonThe USS Charon

With a crew complement of around 350 personnel the USS Charon is filled with a mix of people from different planets and cultures. Because of the joint exploration mission currently underway with the Romulan Star Empire a small portion of the compliment consists Romulans personnel (approximately 30).

View the entire USS Charon Crew Roster

Recent Crew Additions: Counselor Vae Dwellon, Assistant Security Jericho Jameson, Yeoman Andrus Morganth, Chief Medical Evangeline Gallagher, Marine Akume Miller, Assistant Counselor Kestra Grax,

Currently Seeking: Chief Helm Officer Apply Here!, Chief Communications Apply Here!, Assistant Science Apply Here!, Assistant Medical Apply Here!, Assistant Security Apply Here!, Assistant Engineer Apply Here!.

Star Trek Charon News

In Character News:

  • 241101.16 - The Federation Embassy on Romulus is destroyed by an explosion. Admiral Jolias Enor is killed during the explosion and the Federation Special Envoy, Ambassador Spock of Vulcan, goes missing.
  • 241010.21 - A rogue Romulan Admiral, Itsak tr'Sahen, uses stolen Vulcan technology to attack Vulcan with a retrovirus called the Memento Mori. Fortunately the USS Charon and her crew are able to stop the launch of the weapon and defeat the Romulan Admiral.

Out of Character News:

  • July 30th, 2014 - Charon will be relaunching after a two and a half year hiatus on August 11th, 2014!
  • May 22nd, 2011 - Hey guys! As some know I was in the path of a major tornado and lost power/internet for awhile pushing the sim on a hiatus. Everything is OK now so the sim hiatus officially ends today!
  • January 17th, 2011 - Still working out kinks!

Current Plot: Crossroads

Crossroads (Plot)Crossroads

Once again the Federation seems to tether at the brink of war. After the narrowly thwarted genocidal attack on the core-world Vulcan by the rogue Vaek'Riov tr`Sahen, both the Romulan Galae and Starfleet keep a weary eye across the neutral zone while diplomats hurry to prevent anyone from tossing a match into the sea of gasoline. All but forgotten in the turmoil, the valiant little science vessel that somehow saved an entire planet is painstakingly pieced back together at a Vulcan orbital facilty while much of her crew is scattered to the winds.

Characters of Note: Jolias Enor
Vessels of Note: USS Charon, USS Warrior

UCIP Universe


We sim in the UCIP Universe whose history spans over two decades and while it may deviate from the recent movies and Star Trek Online game it makes up for it in both depth and creativity.

We also have a strong focus on the Romulans and Vulcans (not our only focus) but we do explore the depth and histories of these two species in detail. The Romulans we portray are based off the Rihannsu novel series by Diane Duane and the Vulcans are based off a mixture of ST lore from the series to the novel Spock's World. Aside from those two species we also have members who play out the Federation Council. The treacherous inner workings of the Romulan Empire. The constant obfuscation of the Cardassian Union and the raw brutality of the Klingon Empire.

If you want more specifics check out these pages:

Current Universe Storyline

USS Charon
President Alazera Prim

A ranking Romulan officer with substantial clout and influence became aware of a secret Vulcan experiment involving technologies capable of transporting a starship vast distances in mere moments. His obsession with the technology grew until he eventually manages to obtain the technology for himself. In secret he assembles a small but dangerous fleet of ships loyal to him with the goal of traveling undetected to the Vulcan homeworld, deploying a deadly biogenic weapon, and destroying the vast majority of the Vulcan race.

His plan is successful however a lone Starship, USS Charon, is aware of the plans and in a last minute act of desperation manages to thwart the Vulcan attack and prevent the annihilation of the Vulcan people. The Romulan fleet is eventually destroyed along with its mad leader.

Thus the state of Federation affairs is in turmoil. Many in the Federation seek to use the event for political advantage or as a pretext to wage war against the Romulans. Diplomatic affairs are in turmoil as politicians, diplomats, and Federation leaders meet to discuss their response and determine the truth of recent events.

Star Trek Charon Characters

Chancellor Kemaran

NPCs (Non Player Characters) are a core of any simulation/RPG that wants to have a stable amount of depth. The USS Charon has a plethora of NPCs that interact with the crew on a daily basis (NPCs that are part of the crew). We also have NPCs that are geared towards developing situations and plots. I’ve split these NPCs into two groups: Major Characters who make several appearances and Minor Characters who only make short appearances at random intervals.

Also, the USS Charon often has people in UCIP who participate for a short time as a plot centric character. While they are not NPCs they are also not members of the USS Charon so they are listed under the Guest Category.

Game Resources

We have provide a plethora of resources from open archives (we're not scared to keep our email lists open so people can see our quality- if a game keep's theirs private...run!) We also provide game forums as a medium of communication and a live chat.


Other Resources:

Miscellaneous Categories

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